Monday, April 28, 2008

You Did What? Number 1

So, here is the group...Michele my SIL, Leslie another SIL, Brett my husband, Lindsay Doug's girlfriend, Doug my nephew, and Dave my brother and partner in crime growing up. Next picture is of my husband and I. I look like a dork but what can I say?
The flowers were in bloom every where.

After walking about two miles, this is what we came to. To the left, not pictured, was the first crevasse we went though. I didn't get a picture. Darn! And this picture set me back on the diet wagon. Yikes, is that really me?

Amazing isn't it?

We had to lower the backpacks down. A back pack won't fit in the crack we walked through.

(Below) Here is the group at Jacob Hamblin Arch. We made it. I wish I would have taken a picture of the pit toilet they had not too far from here. It was just a toilet seat on a little could sit there and be the king of all you surveyed. Of course, every one could survey you too. It was gross and quite funny.

It really was fun to be together with some of my family, especially my brother Dave. We had many harrowing adventures together...just ask our mom. For example: when we were in high school, we took our little sailboat out on Folsom Lake in the middle of winter. The boat capsized and flipped over. It was all we could do to hang on to the boat in the fridged water in our coats and clothes. There were no other boats on the lake. The lake was closed. We walked down the hill from our house carrying our little boat. (It was made out of styrafoam so wasn't too heavy.) The wind blew us to a little island exposed in the middle of the lake. We carried the boat acrossed it and hoped we could sail to the opposite side of the lake without capsizing again. (It was a killer walking across the island because we had lost our shoes and were barefoot. There were lots of stickers and rocks.) The wind was blowing very hard so we thought our only option was to sail in the direction of the wind. We used my bandanna to tie the rudder on because we lost the rudder pin when the boat flipped over. It was dark by the time we made it across the lake. We thought that we would get in so much trouble. There was a house on the other side. We knocked on the door, soaking wet, barefoot, freezing, and asked if we could use their phone. We thought that we would be in so much trouble from our parents but they were just happy we were still alive. My mom had been watching on and off from the window and we had disappeared. She couldn't convince the State Park Rangers that we were on the lake and had disappeared so they should go look for us. My poor mom...I'm amazed we didn't scare 10 years off her life.
And...Oh yes, we have more stories and my brother was always the ring leader. (That's my story and I'm sticking to it.!!!!) I love my brother!! I gave my brother a hard time because we now have another scarry adventure to add to the list.


Cote de Texas said...

not sure where this is - is this the grand canyon? don't laugh!!! omg and don't ask me to join you next time, thanks! whew!

thanks for your comment!! I just can't get over these pictures! And you look adorable, btw.

Thimbleanna said...

Awww, you look so cute!!! Now I'm scared for you -- if you have another scary story -- you and your brother are probably lucky to still be here! Hurry up and tell us!!!

Brooke said...

And my dad claims he was always the quiet, well-mannered kid. :) He blames the mischievious activities on you- like when you were kicked by the horse and broke your arm (I think that is how the story goes). :)