Sunday, April 20, 2008

Oh Man...Who did that to our car?

Quick post. My husband went to get in the car to go to a funeral and this is what we found Friday morning. Needless to say...I stayed home from the funeral and met with the police. They took the speakers out of the door, took the remote for the radio. We thought they must have gotten scared away because the stereo was still sort of there but alas, they ruined the stereo trying to get it out. The police thought it was just kids because "professionals" don't bother with speakers. So maddening and such a waste!!!!
It's a '95 Geo Prizm. You know, one of those beater cars. It is the car our son drives and he bought the stereo and speakers himself. Good thing his trunk doesn't just pop open or that huge base speaker would have been gone too. Thankfully, they left my car alone. It was parked in the driveway that night too because the old furniture from the living room was in the garage. Instead of trying to sell the old furniture, I took it to Deseret Industries just so I could park back in my garage and keep my car safe.
On another bad note. The sump pump for the basement quit this weekend too. When it rains it pours. My nephew broke both the bones in his arm getting pushed off the trampoline today and need an orthopedic surgeon. So, putting things in perspective, stereo and sump pump is a better "things that stink" choice. It is so hard to have something happen to your children.
Oh, and here is an addendum to my last post. All the dishes came out spotless. I'm going to quit rinsing them for sure. Yea for Kitchenaid...I should have tried that sooner. I'm just not used to nice appliances I guess. I've been rinsing and wasting water since last May when we sort of remodeled the kitchen. (Do new countertops and new appliances count as remodeling? The cabinets are still the original ones. My kids want me to paint them. We are going to reface the bar area though and add handcarved corbels. That should update things a bit too.)


Laurel said...

YES, your kitchen counts as a remodel! If there are any noticeable differences, it counts. :) Sorry about Eli's stereo and speakers. My sister just has her FOURTH car stereo stolen from right in front of her house, too. No fun. Good luck with more projects!

Kelli Radmall said...

That is horrible. Who would mess with the Geo? Man if Eli were home he would get them with his big muscles...