Sunday, April 20, 2008

New Living Room Furniture

Nope...this isn't the new stuff, this is the stuff that I'm getting rid of. I know you are wondering what I was thinking when we bought that 13 years ago. I have no fit our budget? Yuck. Anyway, the rug is gone, the couch is gone, the matching love seat was already gone, (a young couple was in desperate need of furniture and I just had to help them out), the chair is in a corner of my bedroom. I couldn't part with it. It is an antique and my husband and I reupholstered it ourselves. It was a hard project. The little side table was a gift (antique) from my mother-in-law. Does anyone want to guess what it is? I'm not sure what to do with it.
A close up of the couch. It's still like new. is the new. What do you think? Honest...I want to hear from you.
I still have to find a rug and some material for draperies, a long enough rod, get rid of the antique church bench that is in there (not in the picture). I actually found a rug that I like a lot but it is way overpriced and was too small...only 5 x 7' 7". Unfortunately, I still have a big Oak upright piano. There isn't any other place in the house to put it and I don't want to be without a piano. The kids think I should repaint, and I was going to, but decided to start on other areas of the house instead. I think I'll live with the green paint a while longer. I need a paint partner before I tackle the living room and dining room. It takes about 3 gallons of paint to paint both rooms. Hmmm..Steph, you're moving here soon. Remember all that painting I did at your house. ;)

I'm not crazy about the pillows and may recover them if I find some fabric I like better.

Here are the chairs and end table to complete the sitting area. Not quite balanced with the couch being so big, but the couch is so comfortable. Maybe one of these days it will end up in the family room and I will get a smaller one for the living room.
Are you surprised by my choices? I was so ready for a new look and those chairs where just calling out for me to design a room around them. I was going to wait to show you the new when it was all complete but who knows how long it will take me to finish.

Not a great picture but you can get an idea of how big the couch is compared to the chairs. I really need a great area rug to anchor the sitting area. I'm a great fan of that decorating rule.
Next it was on to the bath room. This is the old. Good bye country. Did I say I like quotes? I've decided to paint another quote, I think, in the new decor. We'll see. Only 1 though not 10. It was all hand painted by me. Good thing I have a nice husband who lets me do whatever I want. He really doesn't seem to mind and always says he likes what I do. Isn't he a great guy.
I'm so over glazed walls. Most of the rooms in my house I glazed too. Now you see why I need paint partner.

Another view. It's a small bathroom. I have it all primed. Sorry...didn't take a picture. Not much to see anyway. Hopefully I'll be able to buy paint and get it painted tomorrow in between trying to get someone to fix the sump pump and reporting to the city the street light that is out on our block. No wonder someone could steal the car radio without anyone seeing.'ll see the after soon. It already has a nice new sink, mirror, light, and granite counter tops. Now I just need a nice tile floor. I might have to tackle that one myself but hopefully I'll be able to talk my husband into it. You want to don't you Mickie? Please, please, please.
Last but not least in this weekend's projects was an end table I spray painted black for the guest room. I took a "before" picture but forgot to take an "after" so will save it for another post. It was a table that my sister-in-law gave to my neice for her student apartment, who then gave it to her sister when she was through with it, who offered it to me when they were through with it. I actually like it. I hope to hear from you soon.
Can you believe it? I posted twice in one day. Don't miss the post under this one. I forgot to post all the pictures in the last post and it was easier to just start a new post.


Heather said...

The new couch looks ten times better than the old! I agree on a new shade of paint and I think once you've got that new area rug, you'll be "sitting pretty!" Congrats! And so sorry about your car and sump pump. Our basement just flooded last month due to a broken sump pump.

{Susan...Seriously.} said...

have fun with all your projects...

the new furniture is definitely much better, but i think that was just the style (sortof) back then...

sorry about the car break-in. that stinks. and the sump pump...ugh! that worries me here. it will go out and we'll have a massive flood. eeek!

have a good week!

Kristen said...

I love your new chairs! We just painted our kids bedrooms on Saturday. When we bought our house our daughter REALLY wanted a pink bedroom so we did it, but I've hated it everday that we've lived here. Now its a pretty buttery yellow color that I love! My son's room went from a jungley green color to a sandy brown. Redecorating is fun, but a lot of work! Can't wait to see more pictures are you get more done!

Laurel said...

I love, love, LOVE those chairs! Good luck finishing all your projects and I can't wait to see more "after" pictures.

Thimbleanna said...

Gosh Kim -- so much to say!!! I LOVE the new furniture! Very, very nice. Haha on the glazing -- I went glaze happy too. Isn't it funny how something tha looked so cool and new and fresh, 10 years later just doesn't do it anymore? My country is getting phased out too -- although, I have to say, even though I thought it was dying out -- it was alive and well BIGTIME at the Chicago quilt show. Maybe the midwest is just a little slower.

Sorry about your car stereo. Doesn't that make you so mad? Hope you didn't lose too much with the sump pump mess. And speaking of broken bones -- I had a cell phone message when I landed in NJ today -- my youngest -- the Australia boy -- has apparently broken his wrist and no one knew the insurance info. Oops -- I guess I should be better about making sure everyone knows that stuff -- I could get hit by a truck! Guess we'll be having a best man with a cast!

Kelli Radmall said...

I too love the new chairs and couch. And I will miss the bathroom quotes since I have read them all many times. But alas, we must all move on. Your house always looks great to me!

BellaColle said...

I love the quotes!! You have lovely technique of calligraphy!!
Wonderful furniture!

Larry said...

I think you should paint the green wall with the flower pattern of the old couches. That would be lovely.

I really do like the chairs, and removing the old couches makes the green walls look much better.

(I watch some HGTV with Steph and suddenly I think I'm a designer!)

Marissa Joy said...

oooo! I like the new furniture. Looks good and looks comfy. ah! Logan just woke up, gotta go. Love you!

Anonymous said...

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