Monday, August 10, 2009

A Great Surprise!

I received my Country Living Magazine in the mail this biggie right? Well, as I was reading from front to back, I ran into this:
No...not the picture of the people...the photo frame. My daughter Stephanie designed these for Sycamore Street Press. Steph's friend Eva has a letter press and owns the company. How cool is that? It was such a great surprise.

Stephanie gave me some red ones for Christmas that I was going to put in my studio but I think I need to trade them for the turquoise to go in my guest room. I want to frame them in black frames and hang them from turquoise satin ribbon on the "door" hooks.

1 comment:

Doggie B said...

That is very cool! You've got some amazingly talented kids. I wonder where they get it! ;) Okay I think I know where they get it!