Monday, August 10, 2009

Hiking the "Y"

Grant and Cole have been having all kinds of adventures with me. We hiked the "Y" on Friday. It is a steep hike but they did it! Here we are at the top of the "Y."
Here you can kind of see the "Y" in the background. isn't a victory sign, it is a "Y." The day before, we spent the day at the "Veteran's" Pool. Cole and I rode the slides together over and over again. I've been getting a workout.

Last night was a sleepover in the treehouse.
I passed on sleeping in the treehouse. Candice and Eli and the two boys filled up the space. Darn...I had to sleep in my own bed.

We are enjoying all our grandchildren this summer. It has been so nice to be with all of them but one group at a time. We've had a whole summer of family. What could be more inportant?


Thimbleanna said...

Nothing could be more important. It sounds like you've had a Perfect Summer!

Laurel said...

Those boys are looking so grown up! And you are such a good grandmother to them. Hikes, treehouse campouts (even if you actually "sleep" in your bed)... Looks fantastic!

And seeing Stephanie's work in Country Living is so cool! Congrats to you BOTH on that one.