Thursday, January 24, 2013

What does your closet say about you?

I was just doing a little closet cleanup. I'm trying to simplify around here. I noticed that I like to keep things neutral in my wardrobe and my interior design. I add little pops of color with scarves and jewelry and use seasonal decorations to add color to my home. I didn't realize how much I did that until I actually looked at my clothes today. I don't buy clothes very often because I get a lot of different looks by mixing separates and accessories.


Thimbleanna said...

Very timely -- the hubs and I spend all weekend cleaning out our closet. (Well, I spent 1/2 day on my side -- it took him 2 days on his side LOL!) I stood back and took a look too -- I have a lot of color in mine. Which, I think, means I don't have much style -- I'm just a big mix. Which seems to be true of most anything I do. I notice that in blogs too -- some blogs have a clear style (everything is blue and aqua, or prints with linen, or whatever). I'd love to be that way, but I love too many different things, so I end up a big mix. I envy your STYLE!!!

Diane said...

oh how tidy your wardrobe is, im never letting anyone see mine