Thursday, January 17, 2013

Christmas 2012

I am way behind but wanted to have a record of 2012 Christmas. This is the first post from my iPad so there is a learning curve. This was so easy to do, that I might star opting more.  This is great!  Ok, I spoke too soon.  I can't get it to scroll down past the first two photos.  I made linen stockings that I designed and added vintage pins to.  I made napkin rings with more of my collected pins.  We cut our own Christmas tree this year, which was lots of fun.  We put our tree in a new location this year so we could sit and admire it while watching tv.  We had a quiet Christmas.  We spent the night with the Fords and watched the kids open presents and see their delight as they saw what Santa delivered.

We left on the 26th to visit Stringhams and Garners in Texas.  We had lots of fun seeing and playing with all the grandchildren.  The holidays went too fast!

This year's mantel.  (The good photographs are curtesy of my wonderful photographer husband.  Thanks Hun.)


Thimbleanna said...

It's all so beautiful Kim! I especially love your Christmas tree -- it's hard to find tall, skinny trees (which is what we always need) and yours is gorgeous. I LOVE the stockings too -- especially yours!

Sara said...

So gorgeous! I love the tree, the lights, the window sills and especially the stockings!

ellen said...

I love the stockings. And that cool clock!