Sunday, January 15, 2012

Valentine Decor 2012

 I don't have any place to put these off season so just added some red things to make the apothecary jars work for Valentine's Day.
 A mini garland that Candice made for me using some of Stephanie's graphics and a little love sign from JoAnn's.
 The left half of the bookcase.
 The right half.  I pretty much use dishes and things that I already have.  It's fun to try and reuse the things I already have.
A few close ups.
The red branch things I use in my Christmas tree.  Hey, they are red.

 a love garland I made up.  The letters are glittered with German glass glitter.  I'll try and do a tutorial since I am making 12 more for Stephanie's Valentine exchange.  Shhh, don't tell anyone who is coming.

 Good Valentine decorations are hard to find so I taped a heart to the top of my dome and added little red jewels and glittered birds.

 Some beaded garland and hearts make the chandelier festive too.
Brenna made my "love" pillow and I bought the red covers from Ikea.
 Hobby Lobby had these glittered foam wreaths this year.  I added them to my doors from France along with the "key to my heart" tied with black silk ribbon.  It just kicks things up a notch.
 It's starting to look like a Valentine's celebration around here.
 I bought inexpensive frames from Ikea and added real vintage sheet music and a foil heart.  Easy, fast, and festive.
I have two hanging on the wall.
 A simple centerpiece.
 The mantel in process.  I'm still tweaking it.
A few close ups.

I'm doing lots of pinning on Pinterest trying to decide what to make for my Valentine Exchange.  Anyone have any good ideas?

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Thimbleanna said...

I LOVE it! You're always so clever Kim - it's all just perfect and so beautiful. You made me laugh with the comment about keeping the garlands a secret. I'm sure those ladies don't read your blog. Especially Stephanie LOL.