Sunday, January 8, 2012

Christmas 2011

 Christmas morning on the stairs about 7 am.
All ready for Santa to come.
Mark and Sebastian...such a good baby.

Campbell and've got to love the hair!
Eli and Brenna already worn out.

Creed our little jazz musician who wanted Santa to bring him an accordion.
 Santa delivered one to his house.  Don't know what he is thinking in this picture.  He's looking kind of serious but cute.
 Cole with his favorite present...a cougar pillow pet.
Checking out what Santa brought and looking in stockings.
 (Another before picture.)
 Cole and Grant were here Christmas morning to see what Santa brought for them.
 We are missing Sebastian and Ollie but don't these guys look cute in their Christmas pj's?
The Stringhams and Eli and Brenna were here Christmas morning and then we all went to church at 9 am.  We saved the present opening for after church when every one could be there.  We had our whole family for Christmas and I didn't get one picture of everyone.  We sure had a lot of fun though.  We had our traditional ginger bread house making, went to temple square to see the lights, had a girl day where we went out to lunch and antiquing, and the boys had a boy night where they went to the movies, played games, ate, and ate, and ate, went to the grill one night at Sundance with all the adults.  It was crazy with 8 kids but very fun.

My husband was the official photographer...I can't wait to see what his pictures look like.

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