Sunday, September 19, 2010

Our New Addition

Our new addition is pretty much complete. It took two years of planning and debating before we decided to go for it. We looked at moving but just couldn't find anything worth moving to that was better than where we already lived. So, in March we broke ground with the only stipulation being that construction HAD to be completed by June 1. I wanted to get everything done before the kids started hitting home for Eli's wedding June 19.

I thought I'd start at the beginning and document the process. This is our side yard where you can see the posts that are all that is left of our garden picket fence. The pathway is deconstructed too. All that work undone...
This is the back of the yard where we removed two trees to make a new spot for our shed.
Here is the pile of pavers I moved...
and the pile of bricks I moved that we used as edging.
The posts were all that was left of our beautiful gate and archway.
Here they are trying to move the shed with a back hoe. That didn't quite work. In fact, moving the shed was kind of a disaster but it did get moved.
The back hoe did work to pull these posts out of the ground. My husband does things right when he does it. Those posts were anchored in concrete and tricky to remove.
Looking from our deck to the back yard where the shed will go.
A pile of flagstone we moved that was part of the path to the backyard.
The new addition starts where the rock work on our patio ends. That tree behind the bench is now history too.
Here is the back hoe on its way to dig up the tree.
Removing the garden posts and still trying to figure out how to move that shed. Stay tuned for more of the adventure.

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Thimbleanna said...

Wow Kim -- what a ton of work. All those bricks and pavers and things to be moved. I'll bet you're glad THAT is over!