Sunday, September 12, 2010

More Hiking Adventures with Kathee

This is my good friend Kathee. Don't be alarmed...we always leave early and throw on whatever is handy when we start off on our adventures. Here are a few pictures on one of our Squaw Peak overlook winter hikes.
Yikes...maybe come as you are hikes aren't a good idea. I think I better ask for new hiking clothes for Christmas.
We go rain or snow. We like a good challenge and embrace adventure. It is almost 4 1/2 miles one way.
I think these might have been pictures from two different hikes. I think we did it about 4 times last winter.
Here are pictures from the latest adventure. We hiked Mt. Nebo on Monday. After all it was labor day. It is 8 miles one way. It's the hardest thing I've ever done. It was all I could do to get to the top. The top is almost 12,000 feet and I had a bit of altitude sickness for awhile. It was a steep climb so coming down was hard as well.

This was 6 miles into the hike but those last two miles were a killer to the top. (Again, I'm thinking it is time to invest in some decent hiking clothes. It's not like we don't hike at least once a week and walk everyday.)
Ta Da We made it!
The view from the top.

Proof that I made it too!
Kathee had some major blisters but was a real trooper. Good thing she brought bandaids. 12 hours total round trip. We did have a snack break and lunch at the top so hikes 11 hours straight. I was sore for a few days but Kathee and I only took one day off of exercise before we were back at it again.

One more thing crossed off Kathee's bucket list. What doesn't kill us makes us stronger...right? I'm not sure what I would do without my little exercise friend. She makes life evermore enjoyable.

We are thinking about biking coast to coast. What do you think?


Thimbleanna said...

Ooooh, that would be awesome -- take me...take me!!! Do you think we'd get killed though -- alot of the US isn't bike friendly. What an awesome bucket list thing to do though!

Sounds like a great hike and lots of fun. I was just thinking last week -- when I was at the Y we hiked to the top of Timp and I'd love to do that again. Wanna go with me when I come out for market? I'm looking for a hiking buddy -- I don't really think that's something that I should do alone. And I'm thinking at least one of the Australians I'll be with might want to go too. You could be our guide. ;-)

ellen said...

Biking coast to coast?!? Are you crazy?!? If you do, stop by Boston! I would be fun to meet you.

WendyandGabe said...

You are very adventurous! I love it. You should go for the coast to coast bike trip!

B-Heat said...

Kim, I often come to your blog when I'm in need of some inspiration. You never fail to provide it. You're amazing!