Sunday, April 25, 2010

My Round Top Purchases for the new Addition

Here was my first purchase. It is my new entertainment center. Do you think I can make it work? I can picture the big screen tv on top of that nice plank can't you?
I wish I had that mirror on top or those pans on the bottom shelf where the DVD player will be.
I love that urn on the other table too and what's not to love about the coral piece. It's a beauty. Unfortunately, I had to pass on so many treasures. I only had a little budget after all.
Can you picture this as my sofa table? I can picture it with big lamps on either end and large baskets full of quilts, pillows, and /or magazines. I think I'm crazy right?
Just look how industrial and cool it is though. Look at the patina on that wood. Can't wait to decorate it up for Christmas with a small tree and all my vintage ornaments. (The room is 15 1/2 feet by 34 feet. The walls are 12 tall with a tall timber framed ceiling. The room can take some big pieces of furniture.)
Here is my coffee table. I don't remember which one but it is one of those. I'll never have to worry about the table top getting scratched from putting your feet up on it. I might have to do a little sanding and waxing to keep from getting splinters but that's OK.

I bought two of these. Now if I can just find the right light kit and a great lampshade, I'm in business. Won't they look great on top of the sofa table? I'll have to think of something great to do with the crates. Have any ideas?
See those doors. I bought a set of old European doors from the South of France. I'm not sure how I'm going to use those yet but I'm hoping to find a place. I might have to list them on ebay if not. They would make a great head board too but I'm going to use my old mantel to make one of those. Candice also bought a set and she is going to use them to make a headboard. I love old doors.

Here is a zinc top table I purchased as well. I wish they would have thrown in the tablescape...maybe they will surprise me with it...wishful thinking.

Another view of it.
Candice saw this little beauty first. It is either from the South of France or Belgium. It's very tall and not very deep which is just what I needed. I'll store the DVD's and videos in the bottom and books and beautiful things behind the glass.

I also purchased a couple rolls of antique carnival tickets and five player piano rolls, a large wooden dough bowl, an old turned column piece, and I think that is it. I hope I don't have any regrets once everything arrives...if they arrive. Everyone said the shipping coming was a good one but they haven't called me and they said they would. I'm a bit worried and am keeping my fingers crossed that it all works out. I'll let you know. It's a leap of faith for me.

So what do you think about my purchases? I really want to know. I do like unique. I don't want to have what everyone else has that is why I don't like shopping in big box stores, etc. One of a kind is a good thing in my book.

Stay tuned for the reveal of Candice's purchases. I don't have pictures of them at Round Top so will post pictures of us decorating her living room and the mostly finished room. I can't wait until you see them.

After that, I will show you how the addition is progressing. We removed the fireplace mantel yesterday and they are supposed to put the hole through the wall tomorrow. The timber frame and roofing is supposed to go on tomorrow too but nothing ever goes as scheduled so we'll see. It is exciting though.


Thimbleanna said...

OhMyGosh Kim -- I LOVE it all!! That's going to be one cool room -- and kid proof too -- perfect for all those grandsons. My favorites are definitely the sofa table and the coffee table. And maybe the doors -- I can't see them LOL! Can't wait to see Candace's room -- and yours when all your stuff arrives!

ellen said...

You got some cool things! I love that thin cabinet. I live in New England and LOVE antiquing. My favorite thing is when I find something I haven't seen before. It looks like you got some gems!

Lettered Cottage said...

Everything you bought is AMAZING!!!
You MUST show me photos of the finished product when you're done Kim. I would love to blog about your project!

Layla :-)