Monday, February 15, 2010

Birthday Celebrations!

I started out the day early... exercising with my friend Kathee. (We've been working out hard trying to get in better shape and loose weight. Last Saturday we hiked through the snow to the Squaw Peak Overlook. About 4 miles one way.)

After exercising we went back to her house and had whole wheat pancakes with turkey bacon and pure maple syrup. It was delicious.

Dana and Heidi kidnapped me to take me out to lunch at Zuppas. These girls are amazing. They can do just about anything literally. (They gave me a butane stove and 4 canisters of butane for my emergency preparedness stuff. They are emergency preparedness experts. If we have the giant earthquake here, I'm going to go to one of their houses.)
We look the same age don't we? Hah!
This is what I had for lunch; it was delicious. And, good thing I had salad for lunch because my husband took Eli, Brenna, my MIL, and me to Outback Steak House for dinner.

I had phone calls from my children, parents, and friends. I felt loved.

P.S. My MIL gave me a pineapple with a ribbon tied on it for my present. She said if you want a present for your birthday, you have to give her two weeks notice. We are still laughing about that one. I've been married for 32 years and known my husband since I was four, you think she would at least know that my birthday is in February. She is a feisty lady and we all love her!


Stephanie Ford said...

Ha ha! I can totally picture Grandma saying that!

Thimbleanna said...

Hahaha! Do you have to introduce yourself each time you see her? I'll probably be that kind of MIL when I get older -- I'm really bad with dates!