Sunday, January 17, 2010

The Ginger Bread Extravaganza

It was Marissa's idea to have a ginger bread extravaganza. It wasn't without its' drama trying to get everyone together to do it, but we won't post about that. It turned out that we staggered our construction which left us with more room to work, someone to keep an eye of the babies, and no frustrations sharing one glue gun. Yes, we used a glue gun to glue graham crackers together. It made for fast and easy construction. No one eats those things anyway.

Can you guess who designed the beach scene?

Who made this one? This designer spent a lot of time constructing the bay window and look how perfect the roof is.
This outhouse was out back.
Did you guess Marissa on the life guard stand, volcano, palm tree, sand, and surfer? Yes, this was her creation.
See the creative juices are flowing.
Here is Mike, Logan, and Creed working on the outhouse. Did you guess that Mike and Marissa made house number 2?

I thought this was a clever use of Cinnamon toast crunch. Who made this beauty?
Look at that great snowman. Did you guess Stephanie? You would be right.
How about this one? You might have guessed this one by process of elimination. This was taken before the "stain glass" (Made out of lifesavers) was added to the dormers.
Did you guess Brett and me? If you did, you were correct.
Another view of Stephanie's house. I wanted to buy kits to make but Marissa said, "NO WAY!" We ended spending way more money not buying kits. We all bought lots of candy and cookies to use. But, we came up with a lot more variety and used a lot more creativity.

Who do you think had the best creation? Yes, we would like to know!


Thimbleanna said...

Those are really cute Kim! Gingerbread houses are so expensive it's ridiculous. I always calculate that I could get six kits for about $60 and think there's no way I'm spending that kind of money, but then I'm sure we spend that on all the candy and flour and molasses. It's worth all the fun though and if 12 of us went to a movie we'd spend much more and not have half the fun.

As for a favorite? Boy...that's a tough one - you guys are all so clever! (I might have to give Stephanie and teeny tiny extra vote though!)

Sue (Someone's Mom) said...

I only tried this once when the kids were young, never again. I baked my own gingerbread...cut it all fell apart. We had a ball, but the mess!!