Sunday, January 17, 2010

Eli's Engaged!

Here he is on the way out the door to propose. I'm not sure why I didn't take a picture of the ring. It's a beaut! Eli proposed on Christmas Day. He had Brenna's boss call and say he had an emergency and could she come? He said he would pay cash and had a big long story. When Brenna showed up at the office, Eli was there and told her that he was the emergency. When Brenna saw Eli all dressed up with roses in his hand, she started crying thinking that he was going to propose on the spot. Eli said that he felt bad that the ring they had custom made wasn't done in time to propose to her on Christmas day so he had a nice date planned instead. (Eli had already asked Brenna to go out to dinner that night at the Sundance Tree room resturant so she was dressed up for their date already. He told her that Candice and Mark gave him a gift certificate for his Christmas present which was true.)
Doesn't he look happy. He didn't even seem nervous. Anyway, he waited until after dinner and had the waiter serve the ring on the dessert plate covered with a napkin. When Brenna took the napkin off, Eli got down on one knee and asked her to marry him. She started crying again and said yes. So it is official. The wedding is June 19th.
Here is the quilt Eli and I made together for Brenna. Brett, Eli, and I were working on the hand binding until 2:30 am Christmas Eve. Eli and I had a great time sewing together, putting the quilt on frames, tying the quilt, and then sewing the binding together.
Typing the quilt.

We added labels to the quilt. This label is from a shirt that Brenna brought back from France for Eli when she was on semester abroad.
I also made aprons. Here Marissa is modeling Brenna's mom's apron. Candice's was out of the same fabric. Marissa's was out of reds with turquoise buttons, Steph's is out of greens. I'm still working on hers.

I had great plans to make all kinds of projects but Mike's grandfather passed away the week after Thanksgiving ans they came for the funeral and stayed for over a month. I was happy to put all my projects away and focus on family. What is more meaningful anyway?

So, that's one of the reasons you haven't heard from me. I literally but everything aside and tried to enjoy the season. (Of course, I still had my job to do and chores around the house that I had to try and keep up with.)

I've been working hard trying to get Christmas put away, the house back in order, the piles of sheets and towels washed and start on my New Year's goals. I'm once again trying to get the house dejunked and organized, get activities together and plan lessons for our ward Young Women program, revamp my thinking with my job because of all the Medicare changes. I hope for free time but other than getting in daily exercise, I never seem to have any. I'm always busy and cram as much as I can into each day but the days just fly by. How do you all do it?

So, I'm back. I hope you've missed me... I've missed you.


wandering nana said...

I'm glad you're back. Congrats... another wedding. I love the quilt and apron. You just amaze me. Are you in Young Womens? I'm an advisor so I teach 2 times a month and then help with all the other things. Keeps me young.

KingM said...

Congratulations to all. You have such a nice looking family.

Of course, I'm sitting here scratching my head and thinking, "But wait, isn't Eli about yay high? How could he possibly be old enough to get married?"

Thimbleanna said...

WooHoo!!! Congratulations! How very exciting -- Eli looks so cute in the pictures. This must be the time for my Utah "Kim" blogs to have sons get engaged (Ms. Kim Bitty Bits is the other one.) It's going to be a fun spring reading about all the fun wedding prep.

Oh, and I HAVE missed you -- looking forward to more regular posts now that things are back to normal!

Laurel said...

I'm so happy for Eli and Brenna! (And the rest of you, of course...) ;) I'm sad I was gone half the time Marissa and Mike were here, then crazy busy and only got to see her ONCE the other half of the month, but I sure am glad you all got to spend so much time together. Great to have you back on here!