Sunday, June 28, 2009

The Front Yard

Several weeks ago I posted about trimming all my bushes in the front yard. Thimbleanna asked me to post a picture so here it is. This is an alberta dwarf spruce trimmed into a spiral and about 22 boxwoods shaped into spheres. I do this about twice a year. I love it when they are all nice and neat.

Flowers from the backyard. It is so nice to see so many varieties blooming.

The backyard still needs lots of catching up to have the flower beds really look nice. We are working on it. The kids are loving the tree house though. We still want to add a zipline and a slide. Does anyone know where you can get a spiral slide for a good price? We are ready for that project.

I've yet to decorate for fourth of July. I better put that on tomorrow's list of things to do. I'd love to see yours though. I've got to gear up for Saturday's BBQ at our house. It's one of the big family traditions. So fun to have a big family day together enjoying the parade, BBQ, and fireworks.


Elizabeth Moon said...

You guys have the best yard! I love all the home shows you have been posting. I actually thought of you when I was in Amish country this weekend looking at all the BEAUTIFUL rustic home decor!

Thimbleanna said...

Holy Cow Kim -- those shrubs are gorgeous! I can't imagine how many hours you must spend trimming -- a lot of work! Well worth it though!!!

Nicole @ BugaBoos said...

Your home is beautiful and that yard is amazing! Thanks for stoppin by my blog and commenting on my finds, how cool that we have the same dresser, I just love it! It's such a pretty piece. Have a Wonderful Week!