Sunday, June 28, 2009

Even More Home Shows

I loved this water feature right in the front walk.
The details in this house were amazing including the beautiful urns on the front walkways.
Here is the house. It was only 3.3 million so maybe you will want to have one built for you.
Drapery details.
The office. I loved the upholstery fabric on those chairs.
A view of the back patio, pool, and pool house. (The little white picket fences were just temporary to keep any accidents from know accidental drownings from those people who bring their children and let them go free. I'm sorry to say that we saw too many of those.)
A view from the front landing. There were so many stain glass windows in this house that it was unbelieveable.
The homeowners designed the windows and the wife and interior decorator picked out all the glass.
The kitchen. (Those are awards from the homeshow on the counter.) They finished almost everything before the show began but somehow the cabinetry hardware didn't make it.
There were transom windows everywhere. Here is the doorway between the kitchen and family room that led to a laundry room, a set of stairs to the basement, a door to the pool and patio area, and door to the garage.
A close up of some of the kitchen details.
A built in eating area with more stain glass and the kitchen dining table.
Formal dining room. See that blue area past the fireplace? That is the office space I already showed you.
Oops, this is a little out of order. Here is another picture of the table and built in eating area.
The entry hall bath.
there are four girls in the family that lives in this house. Girl's room number 1.
Here are three more transom stain glass windows. I'm telling you it was unreal. This was taken from the bedroom pictured above. In this area there was a sink area and toilet, then a shower/bath area, another sink and toilet, and then bedroom #2.
bedroom #2
The play area complete with stage area, murals, and a play area behind that TV.

They even had a black light on the night scene so it was like being on the Peter Pan ride at Disneyland.

A lavender bedroom for daughter #3. Wouldn't you love to spend time curled up with a good book?
chandeliers and wall sconces were found throughout the house.
a close up of the bedding.
Room #4.
The bathroom and walk in closet between bedroom #3 and #4. It was fancy enough to be a master bathroom. A large jacuzzi tub and walk in shower are on the opposite side of these vanities.

The master bedroom.
Master sitting area. It took us 1 1/2 hours to tour this house. The basement had a second kitchen, dance studio, family room, two guest rooms, a large home theatre and pool table area. This house was huge!

The builder did an amazing job. Everything was done to perfection right down to the smallest detail. All the furnishings are new and belong to the family moving in. The owner is young. We met him while touring. He made his money in an encrypted security business.

Many people don't like to go to homeshows. They feel bad that other people have more, nicer, bigger, better...whatever. I love to go to see new design trends, etc. Even so, I came home feeling grateful for the home that we have and the love that abounds here. It just feels like home.

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Anita said...

Wow, I can't believe you toured my home...sorry, I missed you. LOL. I love homes and I really love big homes...I like to ramble and polish and sit and get lost...but 3+mil...that seems like just a bit of overkill. The bar stools are wild and I love the little detail of the napkins curled like roses or cabbages in the tablesetting. Oh la la...thanks for posting the pics.

Doggie B said...

Hey Kim,
Funny but this is the house of one of my old friends (the wife). I didn't see it in the home show but I saw photos of it on Facebook. Truly amazing and extravagant!

M.L. @ The House of Whimsy said...

Hi there,
I haven't been by in awhile, but what fun I had catching up. All these homes you toured are remarkable! Thanks for taking pics and sharing them with the rest of us!!

Beth said...

Thanks for posting these. Amazing and over-the-top come to mind! I love the little things though. Rolling your napkin up and placing it in the soup bowl isn't something I had thought of before. I might not be able to afford a 3.3 million dollar home but I bet I can copy that table setting ;).

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