Wednesday, May 13, 2009

A Very Full Weekend!

My nephew Douglas got married Saturday. May 9, so life has been full of family activities. It was so nice to have so much of my extended family together. Above is Lindsay and Doug right after they were pronounced "man and wife."
The flowers.
The cake which was delicious BTW.
My dad, in the gray suit, and two of his sisters and his brother. Janielle, Lamont, Mary Ellen, and Wally. I'll post more wedding pictures later.
My SIL Michele and my grandson Creed looking at the freshly laid eggs. We had Sunday, Mother's day lunch, at my brother's house and then went to the Borup's house for dinner. So, along with going to church, we had a full day off Carr and Borup family get togethers. It was so nice to visit with everyone.
Baby birds in Borup's backyard. It was fun to watch the parental birds feed these guys. Birds seem to eat alot.
Creed eating a birthday cupcake. It was his cousin Will's birthday on Mother's Day.
Byron and Margrett Borup. My husband's parents. (Byron is in the June issue of Creating Keepsakes magazine thanks to Candice.)


KingM said...

Great pictures. Thanks for posting them.

Thimbleanna said...

It looks like you had a wonderful weekend Kim. Creed is a little cutie!