Sunday, February 15, 2009


Here I am with Stephanie.
I'm going to Brag about my daughters. I guess Steph is first even though she is daughter #2. Steph has many talents. She has a masters in Children's Literature and hopes to be able to teach at a college or university when she isn't so busy being mom to Creed. She has a literary blog that she does book reviews on. I'm always amazed by her insightful reviews.

Stephanie does graphic design professionally. She is self taught for the most part but I am always amazed at what she comes up with. She works with Eva of Sycamore Press who does letter press printing. Steph designed some photo frames, Alphabet posters, and other things. Steph used the photo frames to create these cute Valentine's, just before her party. (The red design is the letter pressed photo frame and you add your own picture in the middle. My talent was hanging them. Didn't I do a good job? JK.... Steph gave me some for Christmas and I'm excited to use them only I accidentally left them at her house in the the party excitement.)

She also does a lot of graphic design for my office. She designed my nieces wedding invitations recently and also the posters for "Hooked on Ears." (Our booth that we sell earrings in.) She's done tons more too. Check out Eva's blog if you want to order any of these for your very own or contact Steph if you need any graphic design. She's fast and reasonable. (I didn't ask her permission to do this but I think it's OK. I also lifted these pictures off her blog.)

She is also incredible at planning unique parties, writing, creating, sewing, and so many other things. It's so fun to see each of my children grown up as unique individuals that all love being together as a family. I feel blessed.


jenjen said...

What a very talented daughter you have! love those graphic prints/frames that she did! Those are so cool! I love the red and white colors.

Have a great night!


Thimbleanna said...

You're so lucky Kim to have so many beautiful, talented daughters. Hmmm, must be a reflection on their beautiful, talented mother!

Oh, and I LUV children's books. I wish we lived close enough so that I could show Stephanie one of our favorites that's now out of print. This posting doesn't do it justice: