Sunday, February 1, 2009

Amy Butler Purses

OK, this isn't an Amy Butler purse but I finished this apple core quilt a few weeks ago and thought I'd show you that I added another project to the "done" pile. I don't even know when I started this one. I'm just glad it is done. I used to love, love, love, woven plaids. Can you tell? Now I have bins of this fabric I'm not too excited to use in anything. Just goes to show that you should use it up while you love it.
Steph came over Friday and we made this Amy Butler bag together. (She had picked out the fabric on a previous shopping trip. I was going to make up my own pattern but thought I'd make life easier and broke down to spend $13 for the pattern. Yikes!)

I had fun playing with Creed. He loved bouncing on my exercise ball and was a great sport to run some errands with us. (I applied for a booth at Swiss Days in Sept. I had to get a cashier's check, pick up the pictures of our booth and jewelry, and mail it off with the application. I'll find out in March if we got in.)
Here's bag number two I made yesterday. They are pretty big. I can see why one of the quilt stores reduced the pattern by 30%. Marissa, this one is for you if you like the fabrics. Candice, what color do you want? The hardest part is to try and find fabrics I think each of you would like. I told Steph that this bag would be as big as you Candice but she thought it would come in handy for carrying shopping purchases and traveling on the train. What do you think?


Thimbleanna said...

Be still my heart. TWO posts in one week! Excellent!

Love that apple core quilt. I couldn't agree more with you on using the fabric while you love it. I hoard fabric 'cause I love it and can't bear to cut into it, but a few years goes by and then I don't like it that much anymore. So sad!

Great purses. Lucky Girls!!!

Anonymous said...

very cool! We're excited to see you.

jenjen said...

Your quilt is beautiful! I looooove your purse too. I am obsessed with Amy Butler - her stuff is so great!



kristen said...

The purses are so cool! They turned out great!

Marissa Joy said...

So cute! I love those bags!! Where did you go to buy the fabrics they are all fun? I can't wait to get mine! I wish I was there to learn more sewing skills too.

Dani said...

You have made some beautiful things. The quilt is awesome and I love the bags, but I especially love the creation in the second picture. I believe it's called Stephanie.