Sunday, January 11, 2009

Valentine's Decorations

Inspired by all the creativity out there in blog land, I decided to try my had at creating something for Valentine's Day. I found the Valentine wrapping paper and glittered heart at Target last week in the dollar section. The frame and rick rack I had hanging around. Steph made personalized stamps of all of us for Christmas and left these behind so I used them. Unfortunately, she didn't leave a stamp of everyone's stamps.

I think it turned out OK. It is hard to find decent Valentine's decorations. What decorations do you have for Valentine's Day? I'm really interested.

Steph made stamps and explained about them on her blog. (click on her name for the details) She is so creative. You could really tell who was whom. It must have taken her a lot of nap times. I love the poster she made of Candice's family.

Candice made me a book. (I'll post more on that later.) Marissa made everyone magnets. I love that my children drew names because of tight budgets, but also wanted to make something small but special for everyone else. I loved having everyone altogether.


Thimbleanna said...

Very cute Kim! Those little stamps that Steph made are adorable. I don't really decorate for Valentine's day, other than a banner on the door. I have some really cute little Old World ornaments that look like the candy hearts with the writing on them, but I only have six of them and I haven't quite figured out what to do with them. Maybe I'll combine them with a few other hearts and put them on a white berry garland to run along the fireplace mantle.

jenjen said...

Cute project! What a great idea. It makes the winter a little more bearable having some cute decoration up.

Have a great night!


Amy said...

I'm totally a lurker :) I found your daughter Candice's blog through CK, and then from hers the great party ideas at Simply Radiant, and from there yours. You are all really creative and inspiring so I hope it's OK if I read. I'm not big on many of the valentine decorations out there, but last year I decided to start collecting heart shapped plates (I had a few already). I put them on plate holders in my open "china" hutch in the dinning room. I've really liked that. I like what you made with all your family stamps--really cute!

wandering nana said...

Are you lost in the snow? "}
Hey, have you thought about making a Young Women's banner?