Sunday, January 11, 2009

Sledding over Christmas

I thought you might enjoy seeing our sledding pictures. Here's Cole enjoying the snow.'s so good!
What a character our little Cole is.
Getting ready for the adventure.

See the white van at the bottom of the hill? Grant slid done the hill right in to it.
Baby Logan.

Wipe OUt!

Marissa and Eli.
Kim and Cole. Cole went with me tons. It was so much fun.

Eli had to try and ride the sled like a snow board. Hilarious.
There is the van I was telling you about earlier.
Eli sliding without a sled. Crazy kid!

Mark and Cole

A successful ride. Candice and Mark. So CUTE!

The hill.
It was a great day of bonding together and making memories. I love my family!

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Kelli Radmall said...

The best thing about your sledding extravaganza is the 80's/early 90's garb. Love Eli's hat and Marks outfit. Fun times!