Monday, October 4, 2010

Halloween Care Packages

I found some great decorations at TJ Maxx. (I love TJ Maxx.) I can show you now because all my children have received their packages. When I went away to college and even now, my mother would surprise me from time to time with little packages. I've tried to carry on this tradition. I hope they know that I am always thinking about them.
Candy necklaces, little containers of playdough, cookie cutters, Halloween napkins, a Halloween sign, Halloween pencils, a Halloween advent calendar, etc.

I'm grateful for a mother who loves me no matter what. I hope my children know I feel the same way about them. I try to show them unconditional love and be there for them but who doesn't love a good surprise once in a while?


Stephanie Ford said...


You're a blogging machine! I love your halloween decorations in the addition, of course what wouldn't look good in there?

Thank you for the HAlloween care package. Creed was SOOOOOOO EXCITED! The day before he asked if we could decorate for Halloween and I had to sadly tell him no because everything is in storage.

He especially loves the calendar and is keeping close track of the days until Halloween. He also keeps haning around his neck and saying, "Mom, look at my beautiful necklace!"

Thimbleanna said...

You're such a sweetheart Kim! I was just thinking yesterday that I really need to send little packages to my boys and my niece who's a homesick little college freshman this year. Thanks for the inspiration!