Thursday, March 11, 2010


"Your path may be difficult, but will be rewarding."

That was my fortune in my fortune cookie this week. What kind of a fortune is that? I always take fortunes from cookies as "just for fun" things that don't have any merit but maybe this one has merit/wisdom for all of us. I've certainly given it some thought.

Steph told me this week that she was worried that she would never have a life again. (You know how hard it is to adjust to things after a new addition to the family.) I told her that it is hard but all worth it. Was I echoing my fortune?

I used to worry about leaving my mark on the world. But President Kimball said, "No other success can compensate for failure in the home." I've come to believe/know this is true. My greatest mark is my children and grandchildren. They are my greatest joy. I ache when they ache. I rejoice when they do. I celebrate their successes and I try to help them through their trials. I want to be there for them in whatever way I'm needed.

Did I fall short when raising them? Absolutely, I'm human. Life has had a big learning curve but I have learned and I continue to grow.

Two weeks ago I rejoiced as a new grandson was born. It wasn't without difficulty with Steph in labor for three days and the baby's breathing stopping as he was being delivered and several times after he arrived. We worried his first few days home that he was jaundice and lethargic, and not eating enough and they took him back into the hospital. We are grateful that he is doing well now.

Again I think:

"Your path may be difficult, but will be rewarding."

Yesterday, my father had his pacemaker replaced for the third or fourth time. I worried and prayed for him for days. I feel so blessed that all went really well.

Last night my son came home hurt from being hit while playing basketball. My husband and neighbor quickly gave him a priesthood blessing and then we were off to the ER. It turns out that he broke his nose, destroyed his sinus cavity, and broke the bone around his eye socket in several places. He has nerve damage on the left side of his face (it's totally numb) and they don't know if it will be permanent or not. His eye itself, looks terrible today. He was vomiting so hard by the time we got home from the ER that I think it did additional damage to his eye. It's solid red on the left side.

Today we are meeting with the surgeon that Brenna, Eli's fiance, works for. We are waiting to hear back from the hospital to see when the OR is scheduled for him. All life stops when your children need you. We are praying that all will go well and that Eli will fully recover.

"Your path may be difficult, but will be rewarding."


Thimbleanna said...

Oh no! I hope poor Eli is feeling better soon! I sometimes wonder, if someone had told me how much worrying is involved with our children (which doesn't stop when they're 18) before I had them, would I still have had them? I'm sure I would, but it's an awful lot harder than I ever expected. Of course, it's been a whole lot more fun too though!

Cecelia---Sis---Mom said...

Wow, what an insightful fortune cookie. I love that phrase!! I thought as my boys got older I would worry a little less...oh no, I am still a big ol' Momma Bear. LOL I didn't want children at one time, but I am so thankful HE changed my mind. My life is my boys now. They are my everything, my heartbeat and I wouldn't change it for the world. I love staying at home, something I swore when I was 16 I would never do. HA, what did I know?

Praying all goes well for Eli. What a tough injury. Congrats on the new grandson.


Kelli Radmall said...

Oh no! Poor handsome Eli! I hope all will go well for him, and he will still be a babe always.

M.L. @ The House of Whimsy said...

Oh...your family will be in my prayers. I was sorry to read of all the recent struggles.
The photo-shoot below, is precious-beyond-words. : )

wandering nana said...

I hope everything works out. This was really a wonderful post. I hang around with so many young people and they will say they are excited for their little ones to do things like, walk, crawl, say Mama... I always remind them to take it a day at a time because one day they will be bringing their own family around and then you have more people to worry about.

darcie said...

poor eli! i get woozy thinking about broken noses more than any other injury. also, i just saw steph on studio 5! so cute and creative.

candice said...

Mom! I blogged! Now it's your turn! Or at least send me the round top photos so I can blog them!