Thursday, November 7, 2013

Halloween 2013

It has taken forever for me to post but I wanted to document another Halloween.  These are just a few pictures of this year's Halloween.  I got rid of some of my decorations.  I decided that I had too much and got rid of a couple of boxes.  Luckily Marissa took most of them so it was easier to let them go.  I'm trying to keep life a little simpler.  Simpler you question?  Yes, this is simpler for me.  I didn't even unpack several boxes.  My husband felt cheated.  He likes all of it.  He was so sad when I put it all away for another year.  He likes how homey it makes the house feel.  (He's a keeper.  He'll even photograph all of it for me but he is probably cringing at my photoshop attempts.  I have so much to learn in that area.)

These pictures are some of the shelves in the cupboard in our dining room.

This is our dining room.  I love how big it is and yes, my husband and I usually eat at this giant table.  Yes, it is just the two of us most of the time.  I still love it.

  A close up of the Halloween mantel.  It's my "Ode to Edgar Allen Poe."  There are lots of birds and owls up there, old books, old cameras, a beaver skin top hat, player piano music, negatives on glass hanging from black ribbon, and watch faces.  I'm sure he would have had all those things.

 A close up of one of the negatives we found last year at Round Top.  Candice had the idea to use them as Halloween decor so she bought some too.  My husband taught me how to use copper foil and lead solder so I could use them to hang from the chandeliers and from the mantel.  Kind of spooky don't you think?
 I bought this typewriter for Candice and then couldn't part with it.  Good thing we found another one at Wimberley while I was there.  We made the crows last year.
Pumpkin pillows on the couch.  My girls and I all made the goofy ones on the right one year.
This is my pumpkin gourd collection from Jenny Gouchner.  A very talented local artist.

This is the centerpiece on my dining table.  You can see the glass negatives hanging from the chandelier in the top of the picture.  Again I stuck with the photography theme and used old pictures, feathers, old keys, and glass cloches.  I made the pictures holders by sticking wire I formed through wasp nests I glass glittered.  I think they are pretty cool.  I think you can click twice on the picture and see them better.  This is definitely not your typical Halloween decor but who wants to be predictable?

I hope you had a great Halloween.  Mine was filled with memories as I dressed up and made witches' brew in Logan's Halloween class, took grandkids to a neighborhood Halloween party for games, ate mummys (like pigs in a blanket) and tater tots for dinner with the family, and went Trick or Treating with 6 of the 9 grand children.  It was an almost perfect day.  We needed the Stringhams and Eli and Brenna for it to be perfect.


Thimbleanna said...

Wow -- it's all gorgeous Kim! The idea for the negatives is fantastic. I LOVE your dining room -- especially that cupboards -- I remember when you bought it!

Your hubby is definitely a keeper. I didn't even decorate anything this year -- it's a lot of work and no one around to look at it but me (hubby doesn't care), so, not much point. It sounds like you had a wonderful Halloween!

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