Sunday, January 11, 2009

Sledding over Christmas

I thought you might enjoy seeing our sledding pictures. Here's Cole enjoying the snow.'s so good!
What a character our little Cole is.
Getting ready for the adventure.

See the white van at the bottom of the hill? Grant slid done the hill right in to it.
Baby Logan.

Wipe OUt!

Marissa and Eli.
Kim and Cole. Cole went with me tons. It was so much fun.

Eli had to try and ride the sled like a snow board. Hilarious.
There is the van I was telling you about earlier.
Eli sliding without a sled. Crazy kid!

Mark and Cole

A successful ride. Candice and Mark. So CUTE!

The hill.
It was a great day of bonding together and making memories. I love my family!

Valentine's Decorations

Inspired by all the creativity out there in blog land, I decided to try my had at creating something for Valentine's Day. I found the Valentine wrapping paper and glittered heart at Target last week in the dollar section. The frame and rick rack I had hanging around. Steph made personalized stamps of all of us for Christmas and left these behind so I used them. Unfortunately, she didn't leave a stamp of everyone's stamps.

I think it turned out OK. It is hard to find decent Valentine's decorations. What decorations do you have for Valentine's Day? I'm really interested.

Steph made stamps and explained about them on her blog. (click on her name for the details) She is so creative. You could really tell who was whom. It must have taken her a lot of nap times. I love the poster she made of Candice's family.

Candice made me a book. (I'll post more on that later.) Marissa made everyone magnets. I love that my children drew names because of tight budgets, but also wanted to make something small but special for everyone else. I loved having everyone altogether.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

All This Snow is CRAZY I Tell Ya!

I should have added these pictures last but all this snow gave me a partial day off from work since it is too hard to drive around in and that's what I do. Hopefully, tomorrow will have me back on track.

So, today with this lovely gift of staying home I cut Eli's hair. (Yea, he finally let me cut it.) This is the after. You can see that I didn't go too crazy. It looks so much better. I wish I would have thought to take of picture of the before. (Sorry, I forgot to turn the picture before I downloaded it. Oops.)

This should give you an indication of how long it was getting.
Here is the front yard yesterday afternoon.
And the backyard.
Last was still coming down but it doesn't show up in the picture.
And, just now and yes I did shovel the walk this morning. You can't tell but it is still snowing in this picture too. It just keeps coming and with only front wheel drive, it is very hard for me to navigate. I also exercised for over an hour, shoveled snow, made some work phone calls, had some personal phone calls, mopped the kitchen floor, did some cleaning, vacuuming, checking up on blogs, sent emails for work, went through the mail, packed up stuff Candice and family left behind to mail, wrote on this blog, and now I'm off to do some more cleaning. (I really wanted to curl up with a good book but I just knew I'd feel better if my house were clean.)

Saturday, January 3, 2009

What are your New Year's Goals?

We are still getting lots of snow. I think with the winter weather people are reluctant to put Christmas away. I made the plunge today. It's almost all put away. It now looks so empty. Hmm, it must be time to work on some home improvement projects. I always love those. I can't decide which one to tackle first though.

I'm still working on my new year's goals. What are yours? I'd really like to hear about them. Maybe it will get me inspired. I want to audit a class at BYU this semester. I've taken lots. A nice benefit you can get if you or your spouse teach at BYU. Brett is taking Spanish. Class is every day so that's out for me. I'm thinking Calligraphy. It's hard to get into though.

My number one goal this year, and really it's not a surprise since it is my goal every year, is weight loss. Brett gave me a Body Bugg for Christmas and Marissa and Eli gave me the watch/monitor that goes with it. I'm on day number three. (I feel like I've joined sugar anonomous. I've been clean for three whole days.) I'm determined to get it off and keep it off. Oh I'm going to look so much better in my swim suit when my husband takes me to Hawaii for our 32 anniversary. I'm picturing it in my mind right now.

I had a freaky experience at 3:30 am this morning. Just goes to show you that you should always keep your doors locked. This morning a girl slide off the road in her car and got stuck. When a neighbor tried to help her, she got scared and ran off. After ringing our doorbeel and finding our door unlocked. She let herself in yelling..."hello, hello." I was so sound asleep, it took me a while to figure out that someone was in the house yelling. She wanted to spend the rest of the night at our house but luckily three police cars showed up at our house to collect her and help her get to her destination. They followed the tracks in the snow to our house. (Long got the short version.) Needless to say, we had a lecture by moi about making sure the house stays locked up. It took me forever to go to sleep after that. So, KEEP YOUR DOORS LOCKED so you don't get a scary wake up call.